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Here are some of the photos from Timmy's special show at St Deiniol's library centenary celebrations in Hawarden Flintshire in October 2002.
Re-live the memories and roll your mouse over the pics to read the captions...

These wideawakers had travelled all the way from Lincoln to be meet their hero.
They ended up being Malletted by young Billy Mallett too!....
Timmy signs autographs while Billy finds the Mallet's getting heavy.....
he brought along his original Pinky Punky he's had since 1991!
which one should sing itsy bitsy then?
Helen's mate can't believe she organised this afternoon!
Quick test then - what would you expect to find stored in a library? er.....
Timmy, do you wear that at home?!!

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Timmy and St Deiniol's Library