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In the biggest ever poll of it's kind
(organised by the Entertainer toyshops)
Timmy's Mallett's Mallet has come out top of the list of favourite old toys!

With over 21,000 votes cast for hundreds of old favourites, the Mallet was a clear winner with a massive 36% of the vote!

"I'm amazed" said Timmy! "I had no idea I was a retro star! I thought I was here and now and happening!!!"

And the good news is that although the other toys on the list are no longer available, the Pinky Punky mallet is alive and well and available right now from the Website shop!

Timmy went along to the Entertainer store in Lakeside shopping centre, where the results were revealed to the TV and press. Barry Eldridge, The Entertainer's communications manager was delighted with the survey.
"It shows how popular Timmy's TV shows are and how the Mallet has made it's way into the national pysche and popular culture. Just as long as he doesn't Mallet me!"

So that's me is it?!
Barry from the Entertainer gets the Pinky Punky touch from the Mallett's mallet winner!!!
Timmy and the staff from lakeside Entertainer - winners all of them!!!!
There he is - I recognise him from the poster!!!!
Barry announces the winer!
it's a new Mallett fan!...

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